American Idol 2014 Top 3 Perform

Opens with audition footage from the beginning.  And they skipped a few seasons, including 5 and 8.

And then the winner announcements.

And finally Ryan. Who has shaved.

This is the 500th episode.

Next week has numerous surprises and superstar performances.

And Caleb seems to have lost his voice. He has a small vocal chord hemorrhage. Doctor thinks he will do well, but he’s not to talk.

Round One – Randy Jackson’s Choice

Carrie wishes them well on video.

Caleb is first. Randy wanted something  “current.” “Never Tear Us Apart” by INXS. This is current?

Just learned the song. He can’t talk.

He’s sitting WITH the mic stand. He has to lose that mic stand. He’s sitting on a throne.  And his voice is rough.  But it’s classic Caleb.

KU: great song for Caleb. Blues-soul thing in point. Really good job. Very professional.

Jlo: we know you can do so much more with that voice, but even on  your worst night, you’re amazing.

HCJr: Compliments to Randy for choosing a song that requires control. Don’t hurt yourself tonight.

Alex is next. He’s singing “Pompeii” by  Bastille. Which Alex was stoked about.

Drums, drums, drums. Also a fake accent. And now he’s playing the drums.  Alex is great, but the song is not right for him. The drumming was fun.

Jlo: Sees what Alex is doing. This was a different, elevated Alex.

HCJr: credit to Randy for picking that song. Showcased a bit of everything. But he could see the wheels turning. He might have gotten more joy with more practice.

KU: agrees with what Harry said. Coolest moment was when he went to the drum, because when he went to the drums.

Jena is singing “Titanium” by Guetta and Sia. She’s doing close to the original arrangment. OMG, her staging is insane. She’s doing a very good job (although I can’t get the delicacy that was Angie and Adam’s duet last year out of my head.)

HCJr: high risk, but in your alley. And it’s great that you get more comfortable each week.

KU: you mix conviction with performance. Great job.

JLo: difficult song to sing. You didn’t loosen up the way you should. Harry reminds her that Jena was 40 ft in the are.

Jessica is gone now, so JLo is picking on the one girl.

Judges’ pick.

Caleb – “Demons” by Imagine Dragons

NO MIC STAND. Can hear the vocal strain. OTOH, it’s making him make different choices. He needs that. And it was very difficult for him tonight. Poor guy.

KU: Feels for him badly. Killed that song anyway. Steve Perry vibe in his voice.

Jlo: We’ve all been through this and your voice will be fine. He sang the emotions of the songs and hit them.

HCJr: In lieu of a critique. Doesn’t know what he’d choose to do after the competition. What sort of record? “Powerful, soulful, influenced by the older talents. All originals.” Don’t make him talk, Harry.

Alex is singing “Stay” by Rihanna.

I like this arrangement a lot. The strings add to it. It’s very pretty. Something Alex does do very well. I like pretty.

JLo: it was beautiful, and all his.

HCJr: beautiful and strong.  What would you do in concert? “Jams, and his concerts would be fun.”

KU: arrangement was killer. Loved it.

Shots of Jessica getting her own homecoming.

The bottom 10 crowd around Ryan. Malaya got her braces off.

Jena is singing “Heart Attack” by Demi Lovato.

It really fits her well. And she seems to be enjoying it.

HCjr: you find a way to be original even when there isn’t room. But keep the same energy level whole song. What would your shows be like? “Lots of instrumental breaks so she can rave, and lots of connection with the crowd.”

KU: YOu’re always so bullet with your pitch and your range. Excellent.

JLo: You were loose and in control. It was perfect. Great job.

Jena is singing with Demi Lovato next week.

Hometown choice (choosing a reprise.)

Caleb’s hometown chooses “Dazed and Confused” by Led Zeppelin.

He doesn’t need to save his voice anymore. Starts off a capella. He has the band on stage with him. And Jlo and Keith on their feet.  And it’s typical Caleb great. Not long enough, in fact.

JLo: True Idol moment.

HCJr: it was awesome. You took full advantage.

I’m not sure what KU said.

Alex is singing “The Story of My Life” by One Direction.  And it was fun and fine, with a lot of energy.

Jlo: All of you are amazing. Great job.

HCjr: great song. Classic Alex performance. Very strong.

KU: Hard to follow “Stay”, but you nailed THAT one.

Jena’s was picked by her high school.

She’s reprising “Creep” by Radiohead

She’s screaming. But the slow portions are pretty.

HCJr: even better than the last time. It was terrific.

KU: couldn’t agree more. Her progress has been mindblowing, which is what AI is all about.

Jlo: it was brilliant. You’re going to be hard to beat.

There is a cake for the  500th episode.




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