American Idol 2014 Final Performance

Yes, a night early.

It’s down to Caleb and Jena.

They have a mock prom for Caleb and Jena. Jena asked him to go to her real one, I think.

Simon Fuller’s choices.

Jena won the coin choice and, oddly, chose to go first.

Singing Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days are Over.” Many, many drums.  Up, happy song and she’s having a good time.

Many, many drummers in skirts.

KU: The way you owned that stage was so good. Some breath control issues, but good.

JLO: electric in here.  You  sounded really good, and you loosened up halfway through.


Jena is singing ” I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” by Elvis Presley. And she’s gorgeous. It’s a lush arrangement that works really well.

HCJr: I can hear that you heard other performers sang this song, but you came up with a performance that was absolutely unique and beautiful.

KU: it was so good two weeks ago, and inspired somebody else to do it.  (Who?) Mark of a true leader.

Jlo: your soul comes through from that piano. It’s overwhelming. Goosies.

I have been informed that a Voice contestant sang this song last week. Interesting.


HCJr: it was fantastic. Should put that song on her record (NO! No covers.)

Caleb is singing Aerosmith’s “Dream On.” Well, HE’LL hit that note.

And he’s doing a magnificent job. Perfect song. Perfect rock wail. Nice to hear this song given JUSTICE on Idol.

JLO: That’s what you gotta DO. Thank Mr. Fuller for that song.

HCJr: Focus on the lower register, too. Wants to see crazy power all through.

KU: literally had me at the opening phrase. The arc was exceptional.

Ryan says they’ll release the winner’s album Aug 1. I’ll believe that when it happens. Poor Candice.

Caleb is singing “Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney

And I think he’s doing a better job this time. I think he worked on his lower register. Still not tender.

KU: Don’t lose the feeling on the song.

Jlo: your power is undeniable, but it’s the soul that will bring the goosies. And you held back, but you needed more heart.

HCJr: Heavy weight fighters. Polls other judges as to who won it. Caleb won the first according to the judges. KU thinks they tied the second round, and JLo and HCjr think it’s Jena.

Winner’s single

Jena sings “We Are One”. She’s good. Keeping my attention. Lots of energy.

All three judges loved it.

Caleb sings “As Long As You Love Me”  Right in his wheelhouse. Not the inspiring “I’m achieving my dream” song I expected. Interesting. But, basically, Caleb is doing his thing. Which he does well.

HCJr: Good luck, America.

KU: dying to see what happens tomorrow night.

Jlo: you should sleep well. It’s going to be a tough night. Good luck, America!

There’s going to be a collaboation between the judges and Randy. Can. Not. Wait.

Jena and Caleb sing Breakaway as a live duet. Interesting. (All the contestants sang this song to be played if they were voted out. So they sang their own good bye song.) But this was actually very pretty. Nice.



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