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This is not my normal post. This is not a normal day.

When I started this, I began with a list of why today is bad. But we know why it’s bad.  We know the person who will be sworn in at noon EST today, and we know what he did to … Continue reading

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American Idol Season 15 January 6th 2016

Auditions. Starts with winners being announced, and people dreaming of being on the show, ending with Nick’s victory, and focusing on a Golden Ticket. Brian Dunkleman! Montage of auditioners. First auditioner. Michele Marie. 15. Can name all the winners. Fan … Continue reading

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American Idol Final Season Thoughts

Before I liveblog at least the first audition episode, I wanted to give a few thoughts. This is the reality show that actually affected reality. This is the reality show that was such a juggernaut that other stations carefully programmed … Continue reading

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Adam Lambert vs Labels – History and Speculation

We are at the beginning of Era 3. At this writing, a new single is a week away, and a new album will be released this summer. In the past six years, Adam has changed publicity agents, management and, most … Continue reading

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RuPaul’s Drag Race S6Ep08

Different style of recap. I was ill yesterday, so I took written notes. I’ll summarize. #DragQueensOfComedy

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Dragonriders of Pern: Introduction

When I was a teenager back in the seventies, I discovered a wonderful world. It had dragons that could transport through space and time and Lords and Ladies, and a terrible menace from the skies but it was also NOT … Continue reading

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Dragonriders of Pern Discussion – Introduction

When I was a teenager back in the seventies, I discovered a wonderful world. It had dragons that could transport through space and time and Lords and Ladies, and a terrible menace from the skies but it was also NOT fantasy. There was no magic – it was set up as science based. And I loved science fiction. I wasn’t quite as into fantasy yet. These were already considered classics in the field, too.   Not only did Pern have wonderful intelligent dragons and nobility and and long dresses and songs, but it also had something I very much craved – strong female characters. They rode the biggest of the dragons, they had mental powers that could wreak revenge, they could fight alongside the men. Why, they could even be the viewpoint character. And they were romantic, with star-crossed love stories, or just love stories. Plus they had sex on occasion.   And did I mention dragons? Charming, loyal, LOVING dragons telepathically bound to their riders so tightly that if the human died, the dragon committed suicide, and if the dragon died, the human was considered only half a person, and might well follow. Which, for a lonely 14 year old, was beautiful. To love and be loved so very much, even though it was with with a non-human? Yeah, I liked that a lot. It spoke to me hard.   I didn’t give it much analysis, or notice, at the time, many of the problems in continuity, and certainly not in either the political set up OR the sexual issues that now glare at me. Sometimes it’s not smart to visit old friends – the charm wears off.   Although never on the dragons.    So, a discussion, if you will, on Anne McCaffery’s <i>The Dragonriders of Pern</i> as seen through the eyes of a feminist adult bothered by things the teenager never was.    

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New Judges

So, they announced the judges on a Sunday morning when everyone is more convened with football, politics and the Jewish

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Adam vs. Adam – The Feud That Isn’t

I am not objective when it comes to Adam Lambert. So when I heard Adam Levine’s remarks last night, I was not happy. It didn’t make sense to me to tell Nakia that he sounded better than the original right … Continue reading

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I’m having laptop problems again, so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to do recaps. Soon, I hope.

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