RuPaul’s Drag Race S6Ep11

I know, I know. I missed two episodes. I haven’t had a chance to watch them, either. Holidays. Hmph.

Adore, who apparently lip lynced against Joslyn last week, doesn’t want to be in that position again. Darienne is not happy she was bottom three.

So we’re top 5.

Ru’s mail is all about jewels and jewelry.

The queens all choose puppets representing one of them at random. Good thing no one chose themselves. Puppets are in boyform – the queens need to decorate them in drag.

Dela thinks that Adore is the easiest because she’s “basically a puppet.” As usual, Adore laughs. Bianca is the hardest because Dela doesn’t listen.

Adore’s puppet is Dela.  She’s really, really GOOD. And Dela loves.

Bianca has Adore, and she also does a great job.

Darienne has Courtney, and it gets nasty.

Courtney has Darienne. And she’s terrible. Not funny and a bad imitation.

Dela has Bianca. And it’s adorable. And really good.

Dela wins (I think Adore was great, too.)

Main challenge is a “Glitter Ball” – three looks. “Banjee Girl Bling” “Platinum Card Executive Realness” and “Dripping in Jewels Eleganza”. Adore is not happy with another sewing challenge.

Dela gets to assign the jewel tones.

Everyone is worried because it’s three looks. Except Bianca, who has real sewing skills.

Bianca is sapphire. Adore is diamond (because it’s easiest.)

Ru wants to know what Adore will show the judges that she’s top three. And then she starts to cry, because she’s discouraged and frustrated. You need to apply the talent you have for singing and rapping to her dressmaking. She NEEDS to take a sewing course because Adore is actually smart.

How does Darienne think about the judges’ critiques? She wants to grow from them. “Why has she won more challenges?” She can’t answer.

Dela hasn’t won since snatch game. Her eleganza will be an insane cocktail dress. Won’t be second this time. Wants the judges to be wowed.

Khloe Kardashian and Bob Mackey are the guests.

There will also be an opening number. Dela is in charge of choreography. Which Courtney doubts she could do.

They walk out onto the runway with stoles. Dela is willing to get all the help on offer. Courtney is doing choreography for her.

Adore doesn’t want the stole. Courtney doesn’t want five bosses.

Rehearsal went badly. So they need to make their dresses.

Darienne needs to start her eleganza dress all over again.

Bianca helps Adore to make her dress. Adore accepts it. But it’s not looking pretty.

The opening song and dance is horrendous, except for Adore and Courtney’s singing.

Dela’s Banjee girl is just bad.

Adore is perfect, of course.

Bianca also doesn’t get it – great but not banjee.

Darienne is totally wrong.

Courtney isn’t bad.

Dela’s executive looks very forties. 1940s.

Adore is pretty

Bianca is perfect.

Darienne is totally wrong – glitter at the office?

Courtney is great.

Eleganza –

Dela (Rose Quartz)  – Can can. NOt elegant.

Adore (Diamonds) very science fiction.

Bianca (Sapphire) is perfect.

Darienne (topaz) is terrible. Just terrible. She can be gorgeous. Not now.

Courtney (ruby) – over done but pretty

Khloe didn’t like Dela’s Banjee girls. Michelle didn’t believe her executive. Santino wants a surprise.

Michelle LOVES Adore. Is happy tonight. Great Banjee girl. Bob Mackie loves that her skirt matches her wig. And she had an epiphany. She’s ready to compete.

Bob Mackey loved Bianca’s executive, but thinks her eleganza was a bar mitzvah’s mother. Khloe notices silhouette.

Michelle hated Darienne’s first two looks – didn’t believe them. And her eleganza is stretched out by the jewels. Santino doesn’t think it was successful.

Michelle thought Courtney was rocker chick. And needed to pad more. Santino loves the eleganza look.

Ru asks who should go home.

Dela thinks Darienne should go home because she won’t listen to critique. (And Bianca’s sailing through.)

Adore thinks Darienne.

Bianca agrees and is not happy with Dela.

Darienne – Darienne. Who doesn’t lip sync for her life.

Courtney thinks Adore, but thinks it’ll be Darienne. Or something.

Khloe thinks Bendela is not memorable and looks cheap. Bob agrees, and Michelle thinks we’ve seen it all before.

Khloe loved Adore and that she embodied the character. Santino loved that she sold it.  Bob was amused by her.

Bob didn’t like Bianca’s dress –  not new or interesting or old glamor.

Michelle thinks Darienne crash landed. Her banjee was terrible. She knew she missed the mark, says Santino.

Michelle was bored by Courtney’s prettiness. Santino disagrees. Ru stops the argument.

Bianca is safe. Adore WINS! A SEWING CHALLENGE! Darienne is up for elimination. Courtney is safe. Dela is up for elimination.

This is their second time. Neither were eliminated last time.

Stronger by Kelly Clarkson.

Neither are wonderful. I’m distracted by their dresses, too. In a bad way.

Darienne is staying. Good bye, BendelaCreme. I’ll miss Bendele.




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