American Idol 2014 Top 3 Results

Ryan is coming out with his new puppy. Which is adorable.

It’s an hour tonight.

They have dinner.  Again. With their oh, so stilted conversation.

Ford commercial – singing snippets of their coronation songs.

Jena comes home. Her high school is excited. She waits tables. Her family is excited to see her again.

And she’s going to sing with Paramore at the Finale.

Scotty is performing next.

Danny Gokey is there. He has a new wife, a son and another child on the way.  He’s signed to BMG and Sophia’s Heart seems to have developed a real mission – helping homeless.

Elliott Yamin is making a fourth album. No family yet.

Scotty is performing. I’d forgotten how deep his voice is. “Feelin’ It”, apparently.

Alex goes home to New Hampshire. People are happy to see him again.  Lots of hugs. Also food. And why are they cutting to JLo at this moment? SHE’s not going home. It’s Alex’s moment.

SHOCK. Alex is singing with Jason Mraz on the finale.

It’s Caleb’s turn now. He’s very pumped. Some sort of Rock Academy, and he’s talking to the kids there. Like Adam talking to his theater school.

He also does a radio interview. And there is less with him and his family.

Caleb is performing with KISS. Well, never saw that coming. It’s apparently his favorite group. And my twitter feed was wondering if he’d get his wish that to sing with Queen and Adam. (Or Soundgarden, but no one cared about them.) I maintained it was just a wish, not a request. And so it was.

Jena is in the top 2. As is Caleb. So Alex is…well, not going home because he’ll be performing on Wednesday anyway.

PSA – Performance show next week is Tuesday; Results are Wednesday.

And he sounds wonderful in his sing-out. And Harry is standing.  Alex is singing his own song “Fairy Tale.”




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